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Whew! It’s been a long day!

So here’s a quick introduction of myself:

My name is Jaron Davis, I’m a Cisco Voice Engineer, with former titles of Unified Communications Engineer, Senior Enterprise Unified Communications Technician, and Unified Communications Technician. I’m 30 years old (at the time of writing), married to an amazing woman, and I have 6 kids! (I promise I’m not crazy)

I’ve been on this Cisco Voice journey since March 7th, 2016, but I’ve been on my IT and networking journey far longer. In 2008, while living in Arkansas, I started working at Best Buy selling computers and within a year I was moved over to the geek squad to start working on computers. In 2010 I joined active duty Army as a 25N Nodal Network Operator/Maintainer, maintaining voice and data communications. That was where I really started my Cisco journey. The Army took me to live in Washington state, and in 2012 I deployed and maintained Afghanistans RC-West and RC-South networks for voice and data. After returning, I moved to Colorado, but my body got the better of me and I didn’t deploy again after that. In 2016 I was medically retired due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan and started my job at a healthcare organization in Denver as a Unified Communications Technician. My leadership was excellent and it didn’t take long for me to move up to the senior technician role, and by May 2018 I officially became an engineer. Well all things change, and in 2019 I upended my family and we all moved to the St. Louis area where I started a new job as a Cisco Voice Engineer at yet another healthcare organization. (it’s a niche)

I’ve spent the better part of this evening setting up this server on AWS, having absolutely zero experience with it before tonight, installing the web server systems, and then wordpress on top of that. Setting up this website as well as setting up email (jaron@ijustcant.today). It’s been an excellent learning experience and I look forwarding to playing around with AWS for more development projects. I’ve been trying to learn javascript and have put some of it to use when working with telepresence, such as using another cisco bloggers tutorial, along with a lot of patience and figuring things out, to develop a macro server for Cisco Telepresence SX-10 devices. I might get into that at some point. But for now, I’m just going to write about what I do at my current job. (it’s a lot less specialized than my last position, but a lot more in depth overall, so this will get interesting)

If there’s ever anything you’d like for me to cover to help out with, understanding that I may not be able to help everyone, and that my knowledge level might not be anywhere near what you’re asking, email me at jaron@ijustcant.today and I’ll see if I can help you out.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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