Cisco Smart Licensing for Cisco Unified Communications Manager

As of CUCM 12.0, Cisco’s new model of licensing is Smart licensing. This method uses the cisco website as your licensing server and eliminates the need for a PLM server. You register all of your collaboration licenses to the Smart Software Licensing account and then register to that via your CUCM, CIMP, or Unity to the Smart Software Licensing portal.

To connect your call manager to the Cisco website, you use a randomly generated token from the cisco website and plug it into your system. In this example, I am going to connect to CUCM.

Important Notes

First, here is the link for the Cisco Smart Software Licensing Portal:

It’s also important to note here that I have previously connected and this guide is covering the renewal process. If this is your first time, you won’t need to perform step 6.


There may be multiple different notifications indicating the existing token is expired, such as a home page banner in CUCM, CIMP, or Unity. An RTMT Email such as this:

Or through the cisco smart licensing website, on the Inventory page, such as this:

Renewal Process

  1. Click on the New Token… button.
  2. Give it a proper description and time frame.
  3. Click on the blue arrow next to the new token to open it up.
  4. Copy the new token.
  5. Go back to CUCM and navigate to System > Licensing > License Management.
  6. We should be able to Reregister, but for this example I will use the Deregister option. If you use the Reregister option, skip to step 8.
  7. Now click on the Register button.
  8. Paste in the token from the Cisco website. If you are using the Reregister option, check the box below the token that says “Reregister this product instance if it is already registered” and then click the Register button.
  9. You will get a message that says “Registration completed successfully”. You can press close on the pop-up and CUCM will refresh.
  10. You may see that after the registration, your Authorization status fails.
  11. To fix this, simply click on the Actions bar and select “Renew Authorization Now
  12. Once you receive the successful notification, you are done.

Delete old tokens from the account

For good housekeeping, make sure to go back to the Cisco website and remove the old tokens.

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