Building a test UCCX Application

As you may have seen from my various posts recently, I’m getting ready to upgrade UCCX. I expected a test application to already be present in UCCX, but to my surprise, there isn’t one! Oh no! How will I test after the upgrade?

No worries, lets do this.

So here is what I’m going to do, I’m going to give you the run down here, then I’m going to record my screen actually doing it and you can follow along. This won’t be some high speed camtasia type of video, just a simple snagit video capture. Also this isn’t going to be complex at all. This is going to be about as simple as uccx can be for a call queue.

Keep in mind, I did prepare everything ahead of time for this video, so just follow along and you’ll see my notes to the left of the video (I pointed them out a few times).

  1. Pick a non-DID DN in CUCM.
  2. Create your skill
  3. Create your CSQ
  4. Create a call control group
  5. Create your script
  6. Create your application
  7. Select your script
  8. Create your trigger (DN) on your application
  9. Create your end user
  10. Create your phone
  11. Add your phone to rmcm (cisco recommends using device profiles rather than devices directly)
  12. Create your Resource
  13. Add your resource
  14. Log into Finesse and test

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