Solution: Help! I can’t navigate in UCCX with Chrome!

This is a problem that has plagued me for a while now and I just discovered an easy fix.

The problem isn’t exclusive to Chrome, though. It’s almost all chromium based browsers. I just recently started using Vivaldi browser and have the same problem.

So here is the fix:

  1. Open Google Chrome (or in my case vivaldi)
  2. Navigate to the chrome store extension called User-Agent Switcher and Manager
  3. Click on the Add to Chrome button

  4. Click on the Add extension button to add it to chrome

  5. Now lets go ahead and navigate over to uccx and log in.
  6. Currently, still no gravy, right?

  7. Click on the new extension icon to the right of your address bar.

  8. We will get a nice little pop-up window. Click on the drop down and select Internet Explorer.

  9. Select the option for IE 11, since we know it works, and then hit apply.

  10. Finally, lets refresh our UCCX page and test. GRAVY!

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