Forget SRST, lets talk about LTE

I’ve been talking with my data network engineer and one of our network administrators who also doubles as my companies voice engineer prior to me arriving, about a new site we have coming up.

We were talking with our vendor yesterday about what router and switch(es) we would put in this location, and of course the standard discussion around voice were had where we would have a 1FB POTS line coming in on an FXO port and then used with SRST for the phones in case of a WAN outage where centalized call processing is no longer possible.

We discussed the new 43XX and 44XX series routers, which aren’t exactly new, I’ve used the 4451’s in the past. As I’m looking into the specs of which router we should use, we decided we had to have a 44XX series router for the dual power supply because we are healthcare, but after the meeting I was looking at the technical specs and realized that these routers can also support a 4G/LTE module. See Cisco’s website about it here.

Thinking about this possibility, it saves us from having to purchase an SRST license up front along with an FXO card module, instead we buy the LTE module. Instead of paying for a monthly 1FB bill, we can have that DID pointed at our SIP trunk at our data center and pay for the LTE bill instead.

The primary benefit of this is that instead of going into SRST, having limited feature sets, and having no data for PC’s, we maintain a full feature set for voice, AND we maintain data for PC’s.

One consideration in all of this is QoS during failover, so we would definitely want to make sure we have all of our QoS policies in place in the event of failover. Voice absolutely takes priority.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Is LTE a suitable replacement for an on site 1FB and SRST?

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