Upcoming discussions

Here are a few things I’d like to touch on in the future:

  1. SMART Board integration with Cisco Room Kit Plus with P60
  2. Calls may be recorded message before phone rings
  3. Remotely erasing ITL files from phones to clear problems
  4. TranslatorX
  5. Cisco Telepresence device macro’s and interface design
  6. Using wireshark to troubleshoot VoIP calls
  7. Understanding Partitions and Calling Search Space’s
  8. Create and deploy custom wallpapers
  9. Phone menu recordings using text-to-speech and SSML for call handlers and UCCX menus.
  10. DSCP and Quality of Service and why it matters

Here is a preview of the SMART board integration discussion from the technical documentation I wrote after designing and implementing this solution in a live environment.

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